Easy Make-up Application

Applying make-up can sometimes be harder than we think, especially around the eye area. I recently set my lovely Mother up with the Jane Iredale Jelly Jar eye-liner along with the JI angle brush tool to apply it and every time we caught up for coffee (or wine) she had applied it crooked (and it wasn’t the wine!)
Since then I’ve given her the Mystikol pen to try. It has a highlighter on one end and a matching colour on the other, it is so much easier for mum to apply and is much more convenient for her. The pen has a fat rounded sponge on each end which make its glide on so effortlessly. We chose Dark Topaz for her to enhance her beautiful brown eyes.
The Mystikol Pens come in 8 different colours. My 2 favourites are the Dark Topaz for brown eyes and the Aquamarine for blue eyes. At only $48 they make a wonderful gift for Mothers day.
Happy Mothers Day with coffee, wine and bright eyes Xx

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