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Treatment Facials (AVST’S)

Environ™ Skin Care is based on active vitamins that our skin naturally produces, therefore our skin will recognise and absorb to the epidermis and even to the dermis (deeper layer of skin) Environ™ Vitamins are certified at the Swiss Vitamin Institute in Lausanne.

Skin consultation -15 mins

Skin education, samples and recommendations of products that will benefit your skin condition.


Microdermabrasion -30min

Taking the horny layer (top layer) of the skin off. This refines the skin and encourages new cell stimulation. Helps reduce scarring (depending on the age of the scar) and gives the skin a boost.


High frequency -15min

Excellent for pustules and papules especially for teenage and adult acne. This treatment destroys the bacteria and speeds up the healing process.


Hydration Plump -60min

Galvanic infusion using ionised vitamins. This benefits mature, sun damaged, dehydrated and tired skin.


Acne Calm -30min

Calms aggressive acne using a gentle lactic peel, high frequency and a calming soothing mask to finish.